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Reader’s Favorite Five-Star Review… Anneliese by Dee Miller is a fascinating account with convincing characters and exciting events.

Dee Miller

Anneliese, devastated after her fiancé succumbs to the Spanish flu decides to defy social norms and live life to the fullest. When one night of passion turns her life upside down, she’s confronted with a tough decision. Does she marry a man with secrets she no longer trusts or raise her child on her own? It’s the 1920’s and the decision is not an easy one, but she knows in her heart what she needs to do.

Years later, Anneliese is faced with another tough decision. Does she marry a man she loves and respects, or stay in her hometown to care for her mother, now stricken with dementia? Heartbroken, she chooses her family over her own happiness.

Years later, Anneliese reunites with the man she has never stopped loving. She has always placed others above herself, now it was time to choose something for herself. If only it were that simple…

What could possibly happen next to a woman who dared to be?

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Reader’s Favorite Five-Star Review… Miller’s narrative draws you in from the first page and refuses to let go until the end.

Dee Miller
Dear Father

A promise is a promise…until it’s not.

This is a story about a woman making a promise to herself to find her father, no matter who or where he is. Betty (Betz) Doyle was born in the late 1920s. She is raised as an only child to a single mother. On her mother’s deathbed, she hopes the identity of her birth father will finally be revealed. When it isn’t, her desperate search begins.

Betz embarks on her hunt in the small town she grew up in. There has to be someone who knows the facts surrounding her birth. When a yellow rose mysteriously appears on her mother’s headstone each year on her birthday, Betz is convinced it is a clue that will lead to the father she never knew. But does it?

This tale is the sequel to Dee Miller’s suspenseful romantic novel, Anneliese, a story of the life of Betz’s mother, a free spirited, independent woman, and the choices she made. In Dear Father the plot thickens taking the reader on Betz’s life mission to uncover the mystery of her birth father, but can she?


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